Slash & Bieber

Slash and Bieber, travelling on the same flight from Tokyo, touched down in Sydney this morning.

And already, 16-year-old Bieber has invited himself to a meal with the former Guns N Roses superstar.

"Want to have dinner with Slash tonight in Sydney, Australia,'' Bieber said on Twitter.

The teen idol also spoke favourably of his surroundings.

"Just arrived and I like Australia,'' he tweeted. "I like the weather, the accents, the girls, the water, the excitement, the girls and - the girls.''

Bieber overcame jetlag to play a game of beach football.

But he was overwhelmed by paparazzi shadowing him in Sydney.

"Come on fellas," he tweeted, "can't a kid have a little privacy?"

Late today, Bieber said he could easily live in Sydney.

"Everyone is so laid back," he said.

Rocker Slash also reached out to Bieber for a tour of Sydney's hotspots.

"Hear you're showing me the ropes," the guitarist told his teenage tour guide.

Earlier, Slash threatened to take Bieber to a strip club.

Bieber will be in Sydney until Tuesday promoting his album, My Worlds.


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